3 Important Safety Tips to Teach Your Children about Dogs

Dogs are one of the most popular pets in the U.S. and nearly one in two households has one of these furry creatures. While dogs are commonly seen as man’s best friend, there are many instances where a dog’s behavior can become aggressive. Many dogs are friendly and sociable, but when they have been abused, neglected, are malnourished, or if they are territorial, they may bite out of fear. Dog bites are a common type of personal injury claim. Children are most susceptible to dog bites, so it is important to teach your kids the following safety tips around dogs.

  1. Always ask permission to pet a dog: The first step in teaching your children safety around dogs is telling them to ask permission before trying to pet any dog. Dogs often become startled when approached suddenly and may bite to defend themselves. Certain dogs may also not like being touched by strangers, especially strays.
  2. Avoid touching sensitive areas: Dogs have areas of their bodies that they do not like being touched, just like humans. If your child is petting a dog, remind them to stick to safe zones like their back or the base of the neck. Children should never try to pet a dog’s muzzle, paws, ears, or stomach.
  3. Do not roughhouse with dogs or make loud noises: Most dogs do not like to roughhouse with humans, so it is important to teach your children to play gently with any dog-big or small. Sudden movements, loud noises, and other abrasive actions can cause even friendly dogs to react aggressively.

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Written by Clarke Griffin

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