Are Pedestrians the Cause of Some Car Accidents?

Most of the time when there is a car vs. pedestrian accident, the pedestrian will suffer most of the resulting damages.  While it’s in a driver’s moral code to avoid hitting people running, walking, or hiking along the road, pedestrians need to be aware of their surroundings, especially around a busy road. If you are a pedestrian and have been involved in a car accident, it is vital to contact a personal injury attorney in the Portland-metro area to represent you in your case.

Under Oregon law, pedestrians have certain rights as well as responsibilities when it comes to traffic and pedestrian laws. Oregon pedestrians do not have the right of way when the walk sign is off at a stop light, when they jaywalk, or if they step off the curb too close to a passing vehicle, resulting in immediate danger.

The same goes for drivers in terms of when they have the right of way and when they do not. Drivers must wait for pedestrians to cross the road before turning at a stop light, stop for pedestrians in any crosswalk, and yield to pedestrians using a guide dog or a white cane. When on the road, everyone needs to be alert and aware, so many accidents can be avoided simply by following traffic laws and using common sense. Pedestrians should be alert when walking near or on busy roads, and drivers should be alert when there are pedestrians near the roadway.

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Written by Clarke Griffin

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