Understanding Wrongful Death Laws in Oregon

Fatal accidents leave behind grieving family members who may not know that they have a legal avenue to pursue against the person or entity at fault. Make sure you know your rights in this time of grief, confusion, and devastation. In Oregon, family members can bring lawsuits on behalf of deceased loved ones. These lawsuits are referred to as “wrongful death” suits and are a powerful way for family members to get Read More

Oregon Personal Injury Claims: Should I Settle?

The decision to settle your personal injury case should not be taken lightly. Often times, you’ve invested time and energy throughout litigation and settling may seem risky in light of all you’ve put into your case. However, whether to settle your case must be considered on a case-by-case basis and requires careful analysis by an experienced Oregon personal injury attorney. Here are a series of “What ifs” to Read More

Hurt in a Slip-and-Fall Accident? Take These 3 Steps First!

Oregon law allows residents to file lawsuits if they’ve slipped and fallen on the property of another. This area of law is called “premises liability,” and you may hear an attorney refer to slip and falls as premises liability claims. In Oregon, you can recover for your injuries if there is some evidence the condition that caused your fall was due to negligence on the part of the owner of the premises. Because not Read More

4 Tips for Dealing with Insurance Claims After a Car Accident

Trying to make a claim to your insurance company after a car accident can be an absolute nightmare—especially when you consider all the red tape you have to go through to get the monetary protection you’ve been paying for. We understand the frustration and sleepless nights a situation like this can cause. They say “prevention is better than cure,” so this blog will discuss what you can do to simplify the process in Read More

Common Mistakes People Make with an Oregon Personal Injury Claim

There are more than 5 million car collisions reported each year in the U.S. These accidents lead to 33,000 deaths and 2.2 million injuries. It is therefore sad and shocking how many people inadvertently damage their valid personal injury claims by making a few key mistakes after the accident (whether due to ignorance or the trauma of the accident). In this blog we take a look at some of the common mistakes that Read More

6 Ways to Preserve Your Claim After an Oregon Car Accident

Taking steps to preserve your claim after an accident can make or break your legal case. Gathering evidence is one of the most important aspects of your personal injury claim. You can take the following steps to help preserve your claim after a car crash in Oregon:     Get medical attention immediately. Your health and safety are the most important consideration after an accident. Seek medical attention Read More

Understanding Oregon “Loss of Consortium”

Loss of consortium is a claim for damages brought by the spouse of a person who has been injured or killed due to the tortious acts of another person. Its legal basis is that, due to the defendant’s actions, the injured or deceased person can no longer provide the same love, companionship, affection, and other benefits that they provided before the injury or death. Consequently, their spouse demands compensation for Read More

Oregon Auto Accident Liability: What You Need to Know

There are situations where one person is entirely and clearly at fault for an automobile accident or another’s injury. However, these circumstances are not always common. Instead, many accidents are the fault of more than one person, including the injured victim. In those situations, determining liability may be difficult because each party shares a portion of the blame. Oregon, like many states, has comparative Read More

Understanding Oregon’s Dog Bite and Owner Liability Laws

Dog bites can be extremely frightening. They may result in virtually no injury at all, to severe, life-changing damages. As unlikely or improbable as getting a dog bite injury may seem to you, the reality is that there are a lot of irresponsible dog owners who have not properly trained their dog. Or they may have trained their dog to be aggressive, hostile, and ready to injure whoever seemingly threatens them. Read More

What You Need to Know If Your Passenger Was Injured in an Accident

When most people think of car accidents, they consider the rights of the other driver, but the passengers are sometimes forgotten. However, passengers are often more vulnerable to sudden impacts in motor vehicle accidents. Passengers have less time to react and no time to prepare. In some situations, this results in more severe injuries and long-term health problems. Passengers have legal rights just like drivers Read More

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