What Causes Swimming Pool Accidents?

Swimming pools are an excellent way to beat the heat, get exercise, and entertain the kids. While going to a swimming pool is a fun activity for the family to do, the combination of water and concrete makes them a prime location for accidents to occur. In fact, drowning is the second leading cause of death among children and adolescents in the U.S. and is a common cause for personal injury claims. Swimming should be a fun recreational activity, but tragedy can quickly strike when a swimming pool owner fails to abide by basic safety rules. Some of these violations include:

Uneven/overly wet deck surfaces: One of the biggest causes for concern in a pool environment is slippery surfaces. Swimming pool owners should take every precaution possible to keep walking surfaces dry in order to prevent falls. Uneven walking surfaces can also lead to falls and serious injuries.

Lack of supervision: Public swimming pools do not legally have to have a lifeguard on duty, but in the event that they do not, signage must be posted warning swimmers. When a pool lacks this safety warning, or a lifeguard fails to complete their duties, pool owners can be held liable for any injuries or death that may occur.

Missing anti-entrapment devices: One of the most dangerous parts of a swimming pool is the drain. Drains can pose serious risks to all people, but especially young children. This is why federal law requires that all swimming pools have an anti-entrapment device installed to prevent a swimmer’s clothing, limbs, or hair from getting pulled into the drain. Without this device installed, or installed properly, swimmers can be severely injured.

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Written by Clarke Griffin

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